About Us

Light Up Technology Group Limited is a local company in Hong Kong Science Park for designing eco- friendly mobile applications which can be used reliably and securely on iOS and Android platforms. We will continue to seek innovation and strive to become a responsible company for environmental protection.

【 Green is Power, let’s work together. 】

Each year, there are different singers will hold concerts in their own country or all around the world. People may not notice that some organizers will send tens of thousands of disposable plastic light sticks to the audience for free. After the concert, their batteries have been exhausted and thus abandoned. Their lifespan was just one night and after that, they will be discarded. Who knows where will they sent to?

Products and Services

“Mobiwhere” is a new mobile app of lighting effects launched in August 2018. It can control the whole performance with variations, and synchronize all the audience’s mobile phones.


We are committed to provide the best technology and service to our customers. As well as bring along new business opportunities to the organizers and create their image of corporate environmental responsibility.


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